Writing Headlines That Sell…And Drive Visits to Your Website

You’ve spent hours, maybe even days, trying to craft the perfect classified ad to sell your product or service. You’ve researched different sites in which to run your ad, and you’ve carefully placed the keywords you researched that will garner the best results. Now all you have to do is give your ad a title, and you’re done, right?


But stop for a minute. This is no time to just slap a few words together and call it a title. The title for your classified ad is just as important as the information in the ad. In some ways, it’s even more important, and here are three reasons why.

1. The headline is what classified ad sites index.
When you submit your classified ad, the ad site uses your headline as the link to your ad. For example, if your headline says “Backlinks Video Course” the link to your ad will be http://cityad.ws/category/240/Books/listings/6239/Backlinks-Video-Course.html. This allows your ad to appear not just on the classified ad website, but ensures that it will also get picked up by search engine indexes such as Google and Bing. If you fail to include the item or service you’re offering, you squander an opportunity for your ad to be seen by thousands of people you did not anticipate seeing it. So, it’s very important to include the product or service in your headline.

2. The headline also serves as the header for your ad.
The headline of your classified ad is also used as the header, or the mini-headline, for your ad. When your ad shows up in search results, the first line will appear as a snippet for the link. It’s this piece of information that people who’ve conducted a search will use to determine whether or not they’re interested in visiting your site. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your headline is as specific as possible. The more descriptive your headline, the better your chances of enticing more visitors to view your ad and visit your site.

3. Headline simplicity drives more visitors to your site.
Although it’s important that your headline is descriptive and targeted, you don’t want to get too descriptive. Adding modifiers to your headline (“great” or “terrific,” for example) only takes up valuable space that you could use to sell your product, or to describe it in more useful detail. The idea is for your headline to catch the initial interest of those reading your ad, and then to entice them to visit your site. Save the flowery speech about how great your product is, or how much everyone loves you product or service, for your actual ad. Better yet, save this information for your website. You’ve got plenty of space with which to work there. Save the valuable space in your ad and your headline for the most important and useful information.
Writing a classified ad for your business can really help increase traffic to your website, and in turn increase your sales. If you use some of the tips we’ve included here, your classified ad and its headline will be a real boon to your business.

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